Oron Barber, CoinPoint – Blockchain does not need to convince anyone anymore

In a continuation from June’s CasinoBeats Malta event, this month’s CasinoBeats Summit again looks at whether blockchain has a future in online casino, and what that future could potentially look like.

With blockchain legislation updates and introductions being seen in a number of leading jurisdictions, is the sector close to take off? Or are we already there?

Stefan Kovach, CCO of Funfair Technologies, Marzio Panelli, CEO at Ivyn.com, Lyle Wraxall, CEO of Digital Isle of Man will be on debating duty at CBS, with Oron Barber, general manager of CoinPoint Group, handed the moderating reigns.

CasinoBeats caught up with Barber ahead of the event to ponder why it is that many individuals remain far from convinced about blockchain’s future role in the sector: “Back in 2014 we have introduced the first blockchain application into the igaming sector, with a Japanese games provider and its first ever provably fair games,” he says.

“Ever since we see more and more applications and use cases of the technology and its advantages in the market, with slots providers introducing the second and third generation of provably fair games, with live dealers streams providing server’s authentication solutions, with decentralised ledger based affiliate tracking systems, with blockchain based CRM’s and more. 

“This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of opportunities”

“Based on these examples and the new ones which will be released very soon, I can say that blockchain does not need to convince anyone anymore, since its happening. 

“It’s here and it’s now and it’s just growing. Since people are still not convinced, and we see it in igaming and other sectors, we at CoinPoint Group took this mission to educate and we are working hard to explain, train and implement the distributed ledger technology with our clients, this way we educate the market.”

Despite maintaining the utmost confidence, sceptics no doubt remain, are they right to be cautious? What more can be done? Barber said of the opportunities that are presented: “As there are several case studies where DLT is implemented into the industry, there is still a big space for development and there are many opportunities out there.

“As an example, regulators around the world are just starting to implement DLT tools into their systems, same with accountancy firm and legal firms. This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of opportunities.”

With innovation very much a hot topic, it was added on the role that it could play: “When talking to Blockchain start-ups I’m always saying that we are at such an early stage, and most likely whatever they are building both does not exist yet and is super needed. 

“Being part of the Blockchain eco system, market, develop, operate and research is already innovating. Building a profitable business is the proof of concept.”

“It’s here and it’s now and it’s just growing“

Barber’s participation at the CasinoBeats Summit takes place on day one, Wednesday 18 September, and he concluded: “I like sharing my experience and knowledge and I like when people are coming to listen, this is the case with CasinoBeats Summit. 

“As I’m traveling a lot and participating in many conferences, in the igaming space and beyond, I truly understand the value of this industry to be open minded and to implement new technologies. Together with my great panellists I’m looking forward to moderating an ass kicking panel in London.”

The conference takes place at Olympia London on September 17-20, alongside Betting on Sports – learn more and buy tickets for the CasinoBeats Summit here.

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