Australian tax authorities collect money through casinos

When the IRS issues an invoice of almost $100 million, you can forget about a quiet life. A Chinese businessman who wanted to settle in Australia was out of luck. The Australian tax authorities determined that he was the owner of much more assets than he wanted to show.

Huang Xiangmo left Australia with his family without paying his bills. And now the Australian services are turning to all possible sources where his money can be kept in order to recover the due amount. Among the sources are several casinos: Start (Sydney), Crown (Melbourne), Treasury Casino (Brisbane) and The Star (Golden Coast).

From the casino data, the tax authorities also learned about the existence of two offshore bank accounts in the name of a businessman. In addition to the fact that the tax authorities will take all the available money that may be in gambling accounts, the businessman's assets and mansion were frozen.

Huang Xiangmo has already taken action to liquidate his Australian assets and has begun taking millions out of the country. According to TheGuardian, he has managed to cash out $31 million since his visa was cancelled.